Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Times!

Happy third Birthday Carissa! It's hard to believe my baby girl is three! This little one is full of life and has us laughing everyday! Crissy loves pink ,pink, and more pink, dress ups, nail polish, apple juice in her "boop" (sippy cup which mom needs to get rid of soon)jumping on the trampoline, driving her barbie car, making messes, hiding in obvious places and actually believing mommy can't find her, curls in her hair, long baths, going to great grandma's house, Dora, Max and Ruby, gum, playing with her girls(sisters),and her best friend Kaycee. Here are a few pictures from her special day. It was fun to have Auntie Lindsey, Laney, and Ellie here to celebrate with us!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Does anyone out there watch Say Yes To The Dress on TLC? This is a little embarrasing but I am watching it almost every morning while I nurse the baby. I don't know what my obsession with this show is all about, but once I start I have to finish the episode. I must know what dress they choose!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Days!

So, I have been a little out of sorts lately. A newborn and four little girls bouncing of the walls will do that to you despite your best efforts. I know things will get easier and I'm handling life...most days.
Saturday afternoon was like a breath of fresh air! It was beautiful and warm, so I left my winter cave behind and went out with Jason and the girls. Baby Jake was napping and I had a blast! I felt like a kid again riding around on our neighbor's go cart. The kiddie parade going around the circle included a girly pink moped, motor scooters, a go cart, new Christmas bikes,a four wheeler, a barbie mustang, and a John Deer Tractor, and last but not least Crissy's awesome pink big wheel! It was a great afternoon playing with the kids and feeling like a kid myself.

After the fun was over I felt renewed and happy! The best part of my life are my family and friends and the little moments of life captured in the following pics. Life is good!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Baby Boy!

Our baby boy was born November 19th! We named him Jacob Jason Tomlinson just before we left the hospital. After discussing our names options until none of them were sounding good anymore I decided to let daddy name his boy. So little Jake it is!
The last few weeks have been busy with a new baby, four little girls, and lots of emotions and sleepless nights. I am trying to enjoy every moment with my new little baby which is why I am now just posting pictures three weeks after his birth. This is such a special time that I know will be gone in a flash! We are all loving and holding him every chance we get! Last night Jason said I was hogging him and I couldn't deny it! LOL! We feel so blessed to have a newborn this time of year. It makes the Christmas season even better with a new baby to love!

Just born and in mommy's arms! The best feeling in the world and this time I was in awe that I really had a baby boy!

Meeting his anxious and excited sisters! Is this little guy going to be adored or what?!

Blue, blue, and more blue! One of my favorite pictures of him. He is so sweet!

Just after his first bath!

Just a few days ago in front of the Christmas Tree.

Jacob with his fan club!

Daddy and his little boy!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Marathon Day!

I'm so proud of Jason! Saturday he finished the St. George Marathon with a time of 4:11! It was such an exciting day! We knew so many people running this year which made it even more exciting. My sister Deann came down with her kids to cheer on her husband! He did great! The kids made posters for their dads and waited to see them come down the final stretch. It was so awesome to see family and friends running toward that finish line after a really tough race. It was a hot day which you could see had taken it's toll on the runners. Here are some pictures from our fun day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Big Change!

The last few days have been exhausting! I had taken my girls school shopping and was getting everything lined up for the first day of school when I received a call from Vista Charter School informing me that two spots were open for my girls. I told them I would let them know and I had about 24 hours to confirm. I went ahead and confirmed knowing I could still back out and continued to try and make a final decision. If you know me, you know what making a final decision means. I obsessively thought about it, called and got differing opinions, did my research on the school, prayed and prayed. Emma asked me if I was going to take my whole life to make a decision! Anyway, today I decided to go for it! It seems like a great opportunity for my girls and a good fit for now. I am not a risk taker so this is scary for me but I'm feeling good about it and trying to be as confident as I can. I got some great advice from my girls' preschool teacher. She said once you make a decision, make it the right one and put your whole heart into it. I'm sure Wednesday is going to be an exciting day for us and hopefully my girls will come home happy about their new school!

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's A Boy!

We are having a BOY! It still doesn't seem real and it probably won't until he is in my arms. We are all very happy and feel so lucky to get a little boy. I don't think we ever thought it would happen and it would have been perfectly fine. We adore our little girls and would have loved another. But Jason is getting his little buddy and it feels like a great way to end our family. I'm going to try and enjoy every moment of my last pregnancy and look forward to the day we meet our baby boy!